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Level2 is located in Bonnevoie, very close to Luxembourg city. We hold events which are open to everyone.

87, route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg
T: +352 20 333 550

mandatory reservation to attend the Level2 hackerspace

Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the hackerspace capacity is currently limited to 4 members.
Before going to Level2, you must reserve your slot at Pretix
Please remember that you must always wear a mask in all common areas and respect all other hygiene regulations.

Next Event


Tuesday, 28. Sep 20:00 - Level2

Our weekly meeting, where people hang out and hack on projects, socialise and collaborate.
Please respect social distancing.
Bring a drink or food if you like.
Every Tuesday from around 8pm until people go home


Members have access to Level2 Hackerspace 24/7. We are a non-profit organisation which relies on members paying for the rent and infrastructure. Join the community


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