Coder Dojo

Thursday, 28. Dec 18:00

CoderDojo Luxembourg is intended for young people from 9 to 18 years old who want to discover the almost magical world of programming, technologies and much more. At the dojo each participant will create his or her own fantastic project.

You don't need to have any programming background before joining us. Your curiosity and enthusiasm are our motivation, let's grow together.

Everyone can bring his own laptop, or borrow one of those at the Dojo.
Parents are welcome too. For more information contact info@coderdojo



87, route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg
T: +352 20 333 550


The closest bus station is Neufch√Ęteau.
Line 167
Line 192
Line 194
Line 195

Open the door

Please call
+352 20 333 550
if the door is closed.
We'll open the door for you.
There is no doorbell just yet.